We encourage site visits for customers who have ten or more units that they plan to place in the hosting facility. Individuals running the sites are busy so this is why we have this policy.

The site is located near the Pangborn airport in Wenatchee, Washington State

Your power rates are locked in for the duration of your contract and will not change.

Yes the hosting fees are fixed throughout the duration of the hosting contract.

There is a deposit fee paid for the last three months of hosting. The deposit will be applied to the last three months of hosting.

The deposit is credited to the last 3 months of the hosting agreement.

We are not offering VPN access but we do offer our hosting clients the ability to view their miners on Foreman. You can learn more on their website https://foreman.mn/

We don't require extensive KYC. If you host personally all we need is your name, address and contact information. If your business will be hosting then need to know the company name,  and a contact at the company. We don't provide financial services so it's not like an exchange that requires in depth KYC

Yes Kaboomracks will supply serial numbers for all hosted machines if requested at the time of purchase. We encourage customers to request serial numbers of machines and keep them.

We will host your machines however we will first inspect them and evaluate their condition and stability. We do charge handling fee for the service. Only miners in good working order will be in accepted. Kaboomracks provides miner repair services if you choose to have us do the repairs.

12 and 24 months are our standard hosting contract lengths.  

At the end of the hosting period, we will ship your miners to you unless you want to renew your hosting contract.

Hosting contracts may be canceled and will incur the loss of the security deposit. If you give us notice and we can find a replacement for your contract then we will refund the security deposit.

Hosting payments are to be paid by the 15th of the month for the following months hosting service. 

We accept ACH Bank Transfers, Wire Transfers and Bitcoin payments.

Hosting fees are calculated based on the projected kWh used throughout the duration of the year averaged on a monthly basis.

We guarantee 95% uptime for events that are in our control. We will credit your account for the downtime hours exceeding 5%

This link contains a PDF version of the contract that you will be required to docusign before your hosting service will be activated.

The term of the contract and price per kwh will be filled out based on the product and hosting options you choose for your service.